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14 июнь 2016

I'm writing from Malibu California USA. I love your work and would like to speak with you about a painting for a business. I hope to hear from you. Thank you.

Gina Calabrase

Dear Gina, sorry for late reply.
Thank you so much for your nice words!
Please contact me on irine_s@mail.ru, or FB https://www.facebook.com/irinasergeyevaart.

1 окт 2014

Здравствуйте, Александр!
Благодарю Вас за интерес к моему творчеству)) Отвечаю на Ваш вопрос: Училась, учусь, и намерена продолжать учиться всю жизнь! Подробнее о моём образовании можно почитать тут: http://www.saatchiart.com/IS

8 июнь 2013

Здравствуйте, Миша! Ответ ищите в творчестве Дмитрия Ревякина и одноимённом альбоме группы "Калинов Мост") Моя работа вдохновлена именно этой музыкой.

1 март 2012

This is simply fantastic.. !!!!

Juri Portby

24 дек 2011

27 ноя 2011

20 ноя 2011

1 ноя 2011

25 окт 2011

Hello! I also am in love with your Girl from Ipanema, please let me know if it is available, or if you have prints available of this painting. Thank you!

lisa purkey

4 апр 2011

Beautiful work! I love your "Girl from Ipanema". Is a print available? Thank you.

Louis Varricchio

29 окт 2010

26 окт 2010

Людмила, благодарю за Ваш вопрос, я ответила на Ваш E-mail адрес.

20 сент 2010

11 авг 2010

23 июнь 2010

12 апр 2010

5 апр 2010

30 янв 2010

My dear Irina, I was amazed to explore your site. It\'s very informative, colorful and very feminine. Your paintings are so involving and some are so touching but all make a person to get very deep inside one\'s perception and gently touch the semantics and idea you put into the substance or the hero or event you present. I want to look at them and think, and I enjoy the process. Thanks for including my portrait into the gallery. Saule Kadyr.


30 янв 2010

Hello: My name is Bill Boreing, General Director of Global Hydrocarbons. I was very pleased with the work Irina did for our comapny. I highly recommend her to do custom paintngs for anyone who wants something special for their personal collection or their company.

Bill Boreing

30 янв 2010

Dear Ira, Great website with beautiful paintings. I did not know that such an artist is among my friends. Keep going and I will check your sites for new works. Best regards from Netherlands.

Bert Bierlaagh

30 янв 2010

Дядя Толя!!!! Ура!!! Спасибо большое! Т. Наде и детям привет!

30 янв 2010

Svetlana D.

30 янв 2010


30 янв 2010

Many thanx for Ms. Hathaway, Irina =) Hope someday to present this Art to Ms. Hathaway herself =)

Eric Solo

30 янв 2010

30 янв 2010

My dear friend Ira! I am sooo glad that you finally have your web-site! Thanks to organizers and designers, the site is just great! You know how much I love you and your works. People deserve to see them too! Such talent should not be hidden or buried. So please do proceed creating your unique masterpieces! Hugs, El.


30 янв 2010

Dear Irina, I am deeply impressed by your Art. Arnd told me about it and he is right. This Website I will show to my Grandson Leo (22), who is studying Art and Design. Will let you know. All the best, keep well.

Horst Brockmueller

Dear Mr. Brockmuller!!
I'm happy to see you on my site! Thanks a lot for your warm words! Welcome to you and Leo, and all your family. Looking forward to hear from you again!
Let me hug you, sincerely yours, Irina

30 янв 2010

Hello Irina! Let us be the first to congratulate you on your new website, we love it! We also love your artwork and it looks like your art-show was a hit! Great job! Warm regards,

David & Maureen Brooks

30 янв 2010


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