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Portrait sessions and Plain Airs with Saida Afonona  ( since May 6, 2012)

Портретные сессии и пленэры с Saida Afonina. (Смотрите также фото Наили Бутусовой в Фотогалерее).



Work-shops with Sergey Trophimenko (February — May 2012)

Irina Sergeyeva is an artist, who constantly strives to professional and creative growth, develops her techniques at the workshops by Sergey Trophimenko.

The workshops take place on Saturdays in Art- Gallery in TC GAGARINSKIY (Moscow)


 Clinic at the Almaty studio of  awesome artist Alexey Utkin (Almaty, June 2010)

 Alexey Utkin is an extraordinary artist who has a stunning feel of colour, striking unique technics and his very own creative vision. His mesmerising city scapes and lively portraits are moving and exciting. 

Maestro was so kind to provide me a personal clinic dedicated to still life in theimpressionist manner.

I am immensly grateful to Alexey Utkin for his invaluable lesson and the extreme generosity!

                                                                                                                                                                        Irina Sergeyeva



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