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Irina Sergeyeva was born in Siberian city Tomsk, Russia. Now she lives and works in Moscow, Russia.
She is a member of Artists Union, included in the register of professional artists of Russia.
Irina Sergeyeva is a multifaceted artist and is not limiting herself to the particular genre, theme or style.
With equal ease she is creating plain-air landscapes, figurative, genre paintings and with pleasure provides the artworks for the books and the albums of prominent musicians.
The artist has gained wider recognition first and foremost owing to her music-related portraits and paintings. Particularly here Jazz series were appreciated both by general audience and professionals.
Recently the artist has new large-scale project «Mythology Today» in progress.
Paintings by Irina Sergeyeva are acquired by private and corporate collections in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, UK, USA, Lithuania, France, Italy.
The Artist is a resident of Moscow Art-Galleries «Artmagia» ( 36, Leninskiy ave., Moscow) and «Gostinnyi Dvor» Gostinnyi Dvor, Moscow).


Tomsk State University, Master of Philology.
St. Petersburg Institute of Clinic Psychology and Psychiatry by Bekhterev, Specialist in Clinic Psychology.

Art Education: Private Art High-School of Irina Krupenya (2003 — 2007), Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Private lessons by Alexey Utkin (2010), Sergey Trophimov (2011), Saida Afonina (2012 — 2014)

The Academic Course of Anatomy for Artists (2016) — workshop of Alexander Rukavishnikov.
Since April 2015 till present — course of sculpture portrait in workshop of Alexander Rukavishnikov

Solo Art-Shows:

LET’S ROCK! (feat Edita Ter-Balyan) 21Nov. 2015 — 20 April 2016. Music Club «VERITAS» (13/20 Myasnitskaya str., Moscow)

JAZZ by Irina Sergeyeva in Jazz-Club of Alexey Kozlov
(16/2 Olimpiyskiy ave, Moscow) Oct. 2014 — Nov. 2016

March-May 2014.

Art-project «JAZZ and other notes». Feb.21-28 2014, Art- Gallery «Black Dog Red Hills», Moscow, Russia

Art-project «VILNIUS IN LOVE» 26/10/2013 — 26/11/2013. The Baltrushaitise's House, 24, Povarskaya str., Moscow

«JAZZ, and other notes, 20/11-06/12/2009, Central Exhibitions Hall, Almaty, Kazakhstan

«Magic colors of Siberia». May, 28 — June 07, 2008, Moskovskij Dom Natsionalnostej (Moscow Ethnic House).

«Color of Music», September, 2007, Central Exhibitions Hall, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Participation in over 20 art exhibitions in Almaty (Kazakhstan), Moscow (Russia), London (GB)

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