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Октябрь, 2009


Радио СВОБОДНАЯ ЕВРОПА/Радио СВОБОДА-КАЗАХСТАН (RFE/RL) предложили мне сотрудничество. Были изданы календари с моей работой «Жёлтый город»


Смотреть Календарь


Сентябрь, 2009

Участие в ток-шоу «Начистоту» на телеканале Ел-Арна, в качестве приглашённого гостя.

(эфир программы на канале Ел-Арна 09/10/09 с 20.00, повтор 13/10/09 в 14.40)


April-May, 2009

New portraits

1, 2

Апрель, 2009. АЛЕВТИНА

Прошлым летом на выставке «Волшебные краски Сибири» я познакомилась с замечательной певицей — Алевтиной (бывшей солисткой группы «Мельница»)
Алевтина выступала со своей группой на церемонии закрытия выставки, 7 июня.

Смотрите картины   в разделе Выставка «JAZZ и другие ноты» , серия «Алевтина».

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October 28, 2008. Kiev, Ukraine

Master class by Steve Vai (Steve Vai).

At a master class of one of the greatest guitarists of our time I came by invitation of my friends who were the organizers of the tour of Steve Vai in Russia and Ukraine.


I am very grateful for this magical journey and for the opportunity to touch the miracle of the divine skill of Steve and his music, and warm fellowship. It was unforgettable! This trip and the music of Steve inspired me to create a series of paintings «Flamboyant Steve» which you can see in the section «JAZZ and other notes"



October-November, 2008

New work — A girl with a hookah

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September, 2008

Article in STYLE magazine by Alla Dubrovina.

Read the Article

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August, 24, 2008

I was invited to take part in the small art exhibition devoted to The PK President Prize Horse Race, in the VIP box of Almaty Race Course. 
Two new works were made specially for this event.


See here: 1, 2

07/06/08. Exhibition MAGIC COLORS OF SIBERIA. Closing ceremony

 There was a solemn closing of the exhibition on this day , which has become a grand concert.

The groups "Alevtina", «Shaman esche Buben» (Almaty) and «Medvezhiy Ugol»  took part.

Report by MAxim Kuznetsov, aka MAXILLA

28/05/2008 Opening of Exibition MAGIC COLORS OF SIBERIA

The Exhibition is organized by  Moscow Palace of  Nationalities and  Creative Group NOTHERN WIND (Severnyi Veter)

Report by Maxim Kuznetsov aka MAXILLA:



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April-May, 2008

3 new works for the Exhibition MAGIC COLORS OF SIBERIA

13/04/2008 ALL THAT JAZZZ…

New series of works for International Jazz Fest in Almaty «JAZZ from A to Z».
Founders of the Festival, Production Company ART ACADEMIA asked me to make paintings to decorate hall.


January, 2008

  I'm invited to exhibit my works in Moscow, together with well-known Russian artist Vladimir Rasputin!

I'm doing some new works for this event. You'll see details soon!


New work: «Fall. Sad Ann Hattaway is waiting for Eric Solo»

22 /11/2007

  The project for Global Hydrocarbons is finished. It consist of 4 pastels for reception and one big acrilic work for conference-hall. 

See Here .

4 - 5/10/2007 Legendary Rock-Group KALINOV MOST in Almaty

 Concert and meeting

KALINOV MOST, the legendary Russian rock-group, and one of my main musician masterminds, have not been visiting Almaty since 1993. The concert happened like a sudden gift. It was organised  less than within a week. Despite the lack of announcements, the hall was full. Yes, Almaty has been waiting for KM for too long…


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Im working now for the Global Hydrocarbons office in Almaty. The first set of 3 works is accepted by the Customer


 COLOROFMUSIC Exhibition is closed.

Due to good attendance of the exhibition, it was prolongd for 3 extra days by request of the Administratioin of the Central Exhibition hall



Meeting with Siberian spiritual artisits — «Vissarions»



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13 / 09 / 2007

Meeting with  firstgraders of Gymnasium #70 on COLOROFMUSIC  art exhibition


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08 / 09 / 2007

Photo session for KARAVAN Weekly newspaper

Photo by Ivan Besedin


06 / 09 / 2007


My personnel Art-show was opened this day. The event became a real festival….




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