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I've got an invitation to take part in Exhibition «Modern Art...» in the Hall of Russian Acadimy of Arts along with masters of art, and accepted it as a grat honor for me. I'm deeply greatful to the Exhibition organizators and personally to Ekaterina Gorokhova, the curator of the Exhibition 

5 of my works will be presentad on the Exhibition.

Opening cereminy:   September 30, 18.00

Term: September, 30 — October 14, 2010
Place —Russian Academy of Arts,
19, 3rd Frunzenskaya str., Moscow (Metro «Frunzenskaya») 
Phone:+7(495)229 63 52
RAA Hall :



Modern realism: moving apart tradition frameworks.

For thousands of years, while comprehending the world around, people created its images from rock paintings to Titian and Velasquez, Raphael and Levitan's creations. Epochs changed, states arose and disappeared, and artists continued to sing of beauty, putting traditions of a realistic genre into painting.

Today the world abounds with achievements of high information technology which have strongly entered into our life. Human being constantly searches for something new that can satisfy its versatily developed mind.

As people develop, so does art, progressing, constantly keeps up to date. The realism in painting is moving and developing along.

In the history of painting the attempts to bury realism as a genre were repeatedly undertaken, to hand over it in breakage, to declare it a hopelessly out-of-date antique. The realism in painting is alive and moreover — is actual and modern! 

The modern realism continues to reflect, excite and transform.

The purpose of this exhibition is to present original works of both young generation and artists-realists who have already declared about themselves and the heirs of this genre. It is a question of those who not simply uses the richest inheritance of realistic school of painting, and searches for the ways to aspire and to rethink traditions, but to find new courses and decisions which are conformable to dynamics of the modern life.

The exhibition includes the works executed in the best realistic traditions, and works which reflect creative search of new form, in particular, Maria Zaikina's film «Landscape with the House» will be presented.


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 A new book of collection  series "Fantasy and Adventures" (blue series Forgotten Fiction) is issued, with illustrations by Irina Sergeeva. This is the first book in the  series with illustrations by the artist.
 The Series is designed to acquaint the reader with a rare, previously unreleased or long out of print works in the genre of science fiction and adventure. The novel Sky Ship was written and translated into Russian in 1924. It intertwined charmingly naive motifs of archaic fantasy with the aspirations and the views of people who lived through the horrors of the First World War.

 You can order the book HERE, as well as buy in stores Moscow (Tveskaya, 13) and the House of Books (Novy Arbat, 8, Phone: (495) 789-35-91)

 See illustrations


January 19, 2013


  Interview for Internet-Magazine RIGHT by Nailiya Butusova

  «The Brushes and notes of the artist Irina Sergeyeva» 


27/01/13/ New page on the site : Sketches, Nudity

There is a new page on the site "Sketches,nudity."
   Here you can see  5-and 15-minutes sketches by 
Irina Sergeeva from life at the Art Gallery «PALITRA-S».
36, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Street, Moscow,Art Center «FLACON.» Tel. 8 (985) 492-64-70)
  Sessions are held  in the gallery every Wednesday.


Happy New 2013 Year!

 Dear freinds!

 In anticipation of the coming  New Year I bring a brief artistic results of the outgoing year. So:
 38 paintings made (17 of them are portraits)
 About 70 drawings
 Illustrations for a book issued in frame of series "Fantasy and adventures," Collector's Edition 10 graphic works
 Illustration for the new album by Sergey Mavrin Confrontation (a song Russia)
 Participation in 4 art-exibitions. Residence in 3 galleries of Moscow.
 And most importantly, the acquisition of the priceless my wonderful new friends artists, gallery owners, and other wonderful people!
 Dear and beloved people!
I sincerely congratulate you on the coming New Year 2013! Let it bring you to the fulfillment of desires, the implementation of plans, happiness, abundance and steady progressive development! I believe and I see: no matter what, we're moving forward, we have a light in our souls, and the world will not collapse, because there we are!

With Love, Sincerely Yours -
Irina Sergeeva

15-30/11/2012. The Exhibition in the Restaurant PALAZZO-DUCALE

Irina Sergeyeva takes part at the Exhibition «Moscow Streets» with 6 works.

The paintings, creates by artists of the Project " Moscow streets", are exhibited in the Restaurant PALAZZO-DUCALE, located in the heart of Moscow

The Exhibition lasts form 15 till 30 of November 2012

Welcom to visit the luxuary restaurant, enjoy fine cuisine and bright paintings!

Address: 3, Tverskkoi bv., Moscow

tel: +7(495) 978 71 73

20/10/2012. Art Exhibition "Memories of Summer", Gallery Fusion

Irina Sergeyeva takes part in Exhibition "Memories of Summer", Gallery «Fusion»

   Since October, 25 till November,15 2012

  Opening — October, 25, Thursday, 19.00

  Free entrance! Welcome!

  Irina Sergeyeva will present 3 of her works at the Exhibition: «Girl form Ipanema», "Rout 66" and "Lotus feet" 

    Artists of GAllery «FUSION»    


Address:  9-11/18, build. 2, Makarenko str., Moscow

Open hours:     Mon — Fri.: 11.00 20.00  Sat.: 12.00 18.00       Sun. closed

Phone: +7(495) 623 3584


Exhibition in the GAllery "IZMAILOVO"

 Irina Sergeyeva takes part in Exhibition of project Moscow streets

The Project Moscow streets joints several talented young artists. It was organized by a famous artist  Sayda Afonina. She provided a separate hall  at her personal exhibition to expose the  Moscow streetspaintings at the Gallery "Izmailovo".

We invite friends to visit the exhibition and enjoy the magnificent painting of Saida, and oeuvre of young artists!
The exhibition is open from September 1 to September 30, 2012, from 11.00 to 19.00 (Thursday, Friday 22.00).

Address: 4, Izmailovskiy proezd, Moscow

Opening ceremony on September, 8, at  15.30.
The singer Alevtinawill perform!

06/05/2012. Meeting with Sayda Afonina

At the opening of the exhibition "City and People" (see prevoiuse news) Irina Sergeva met a wonderful artist — Sayda Afonina. Several years ago, Irina found works by Sayda Afonina on the internet and was impressed with the highest skill and strength of the Russian artist's brush. So,  it was a great joy for Irina to know, that Sayda also takes part in the exhibition «City and people» with her remarkable work — «People and puppets.»

Sayda Afonina is not only an outstanding master of painting, but also a charming woman, and energetic leader of the creative team of artists, which  Irina Sergeeva also jointed.

Sayda Afonina organizes portrait session in the Gallary at Gostinnyi Dvor (Moscow) and the project «Moscow streets».  The final exhibition of the project is scheduled for autumn 2012.

Sayda's official website    Blog of Sayda Afonina    

Page of  Sayda VKONTAKTE

Irina's work sessions and open-air with Sayda Afonina see HERE

April 24 - May 06 2012

Irina Sergeyeva takes part in Exhibition:

 "ArtPreview", TheContest of modern art, and

The State Geological Museum n.a. V. Vernadskiy, Russian Academy of Science

present the Exhibition «Teh City and the people»  

April 24 — May 06, 2012

The State Geological Museum n.a. V. Vernadskiy
11 Mokhovaya str. Building 11, 2nd floor, White Hall,




April 2011

To develope her professional techniques, Irina Sergeyeva attends Work-shops of the artist Sergey Trofimenko.

Please see also new works in Newest

January 2012

The artist Irina Sergeyeva cooperates with Art -Gallery «Gagarinskiy» in Moscow. The Gallery presents 11 works of the artist.

To look and purchase please contact:

3, VAvilov str.,

Moscow, Russia

Tel: +7 (909) 644 45 00



IV Respublican Art Exhibition SHARSHY  takes place Central Exhibition HAll in Almaty, from 15 to 18 of MAy 2011.

Irina Sergeyeva participates in the Exhibition with 2 works:

Almaty-Jazz  and  AlienLoveSecrets


Since april 2011 Irina Sergeyeva leaves and works in Moscow, Russia.


 Cooperation with ARTFOGLIO Art GAllery. 11 works by Irina Sergeyeva are presented in the Gallery. For observe and purchase please contact:

. , . /, 34/8, Manas str., Almaty, Kazakhstan

Phone: +7 (727) 244 51 16


 Let's continue to walk in the Old City :)

New work - Morning in the Old City


My dear friends! My greetings on Christmas and coming New Year!! I wish you prosperity, harmony, good health, and let all your dreams form bottom of your heart come true! Have a fairy and unforgettable holidays!

Meet my new painting — for you :)

Sincerely yours,

Irina Sergeyeva

09/11/2010. Exhibition The Art-Scene of Kazakhstan. The Prognisis for Tomorrow

The Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the creative accociation SHARSHI invite you to the opening of the third republican exhibitions of painting, graphics, sculpture and applied arts «The Art-Scene of Kazakhstan. The Prognisis for Tomorrow»
which will happen on November 11, 2010 at16. 30.
Address: 10, MAhatma Ghandi str (corner of Furmanov str.), the Building of the  Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Two of my works will be presented at the Exhibition: Building the Church  and  AlienLoveSecrets

10/10/10. Photos from Exhibitions in GORKI Restaurant

  My work  «For the love of God» (Steve Vai) took part in the Exhibition «MUSIC AND THEATER» arranged in frames of International Competition ARTPREVIEW,


Photos from Exhibition

30/09/2010, Hall of Russain Academy of Arts.

Opening party of the Exhibition, where I participated with 5 of my works.

See photos

13/09/2010. Anouncement of Exhibition in Restaurant

 Exhibition «Music and Theater», restaurant «Gorki»,

Moscow 2010

Organizators: Competition ArtPreview, TV Cannel LIS TVRestaurant «GORKI».
The Exhibition will take place from September, 20 till October, 20

Official Opening Ceremony — October, 1 (time will be adviced later)

Address: Restaurant GORKI, 3, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya str, Moscow 
My workFOR THE LOVE OF GOD (Flamboyante Steve) will be presented at the Exhibition

September, 2010. ARTPREVIEW

ArtPreview  is an international modern art competition.

The purpose of the Competition is to show and evaluate current directions of thought and creativity of artists from different geographic regions, with different social and creative motivations, to discover new names and to promote modern visual arts.

The ArtPreview Competition is open to all types of visual arts and comprises three nominations:

photo / digital graph
video / animation

This summer  in collaboration with general  information partner - channel LIS TV organizes preliminary exhibitions of selected artworks. Exhibitions will be conducted starting June 2010 in premium class Moscow restaurants, clubs and business centres.

Two of my works —Girl from Ipanema and Flamboyant Steve (For The Love Of God) are submitted for the Competition

August, 2010

Extremal summer 2010.

The summer weather in Moscow became a surprise which nobody could expect. First it was just hot. Then it became too hot. But when pother fully covered the huge city, and literallty there was nothing to breath, there was no way out but to escape to countryside. Trips to VALDAY and VOLGO lakes not only helped to safe health, but enspired to creat in open-air .

See here

July, 2010

I'm in Moscow, and I will stay and work here till Autumn

June, 2010

Clinic at the Almaty studio of  awesome artist Alexey Utkin

Alexey Utkin is an extraordinary artist who has a stunning feel of colour, striking unique technics and his very own creative vision. His mesmerising city scapes and lively portraits are moving and exciting. 

Maestro was so kind to provide me a personal clinic dedicated to still life in theimpressionist manner.

I am immensly grateful to Alexey Utkin for his invaluable lesson and the extreme generosity!

Original by the Maestro

My gouache and oil

April, 2010

A portrait of Victor Khomenkov, well-known jazz piano-player, is ready.

 For MUZTORG project.

Idea and Property of the Project — Mr. Kirill Dolgushin.




Painting on fireplace in private house at Gornyi Sadovod country is finished. 

 Look here.

February, 2010

Couple of nudes, based on Yin-Yan.

Second portrait for MUZTORG-KAZAKHSTAN is started

January, 2010

New progect for «MUZTORG KAZAKHSTAN»

20/11 - 06-12/2009. JAZZ

— 20 2009 18.30

JAZZ — -

— « »


: , . , 137, (. )




, 2009


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